The Ghetto King Kong himself

Fredokiss is a Malawian legendary rapper who became famous in the early 2000s with his song titled Wooza. Since then Fredokiss whose real name is Penjani Kalua has won public support through   his music and his heart of helping the people of Malawi especially the youth. 

The hip-hop artist is a founder of Fredokiss Scholarship Ghetto Shoulder Initiative which aims at helping the youth to achieve their goals. Through this initiative Fredokiss has managed to provide scholarships to many different needy students to pursue their education in different secondary schools and tertiary education. Recently Fredokiss Scholarship Ghetto Shoulder Initiative in collaboration with Luptech has called 10 students with good grades who did not make it into different colleges to pursue different technical studies in different areas in Malawi.

Music career is one of the ways that provide the money to help the needy students. Speaking in an interview with Joy Nathu the presenter of MBC radio 2 on a Made on Monday program, Fredokiss said that he used the money he got from winning best hip hop artist of the year 2016 to pay school fees for the needy student.

The famous rapper is a graduate of the University of Malawi and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health majoring in Social and Behavior Change. With this status of education, he is a role model to many youths in Malawi.

Fredokiss also stand as the voice for the ghetto youths and aims at empowering and uniting different ghetto youths in Malawi. One of his dreams is to see the youths   developing their country. In an interview he suggested for a Nation Ghetto Youth Day which he believe is the best way to make the youth from different areas of Malawi come together and interact, share different ideas, clean their areas and learn entrepreneurship skills from successful entrepreneurs.

hands up
One of Fredo’s fans holding a placard during a show

Recently Fredokiss also called as the King Kong as his stage name has been hosting free shows to promote awareness and takes the shows as a way of interacting with his fans. These shows have taken place in Ndilande-ghetto in Blantyre and Masintha in Lilongwe and he plan to do another show in Mzuzu.

In an interview with Mary Chadziwa one of his fans , she said Fredokiss is not only just a musician but a God sent angel to help those in need, he is like both a father and a mother to many of the youths. She added that the King Kong has that heart to help others and he always want the best for the youth and his country that is why the youth love him so much.